Surprise, surprise….

The how and why this has started I do not know, but all of a sudden, almost overnight, the Origami Owl Tags and Dangles have become very popular with the teens.

Last week, my daughter was putting together positive affirmations like “I am…Blessed”, or “I have….grattidue”, taking pictures and posting on her Instagram, she also put together some wise one’s , like “I can….Hope”, with a caption under the picture saying “that my mom will let me get a FB account soon.  The pictures got some laughs and likes and the next thing you know I am getting emails from parents asking where they should go to order.

Started out as a few, then as things typically do, began to grow.  I no longer was getting emails, the chain had just spread and people were ordering.  What surprised me more is that the ordering isn’t just concentrated within our community, but it seems to be spreading to neighboring communities as well.  Then the final surprise, came in the form of a call from a local PTA asking if we would be interested in participating in a fundraiser for the school, focusing just on the tags and dangles.  They felt the positive messages the tags send are a great way to drive home the messages the school is trying to promote in areas such as anti-bullying, kindness and peer pressure.  Without hesitation, I jumped on board.

Honestly, this is what this is all about for me.  As mentioned previously, it isn’t just about the money.  It’s about spending time with my child, fostering good habits, using our assets to do something good and not simply for gain.  What better way to do this than reaching a group of children and having them send positive messages to one another, and helping them raise money for their school.  I couldn’t be more excited or fulfilled with this upcoming project.

Since this seems to be catching wind, I will be presenting this idea to other surrounding schools in hopes they will jump on board as well.  It’s projects like this that make me see the potential and believe in the good  I saw in Origami Owl when  I signed on.  It’s opportunities like this that I really hope can be carried out on a broader scale through the “Mother/Daughter Movement”, (see this page for more details).  Our intentions are pure and our goals are huge…..let joining us be your story of change, (see “Time for Change” page…lol).  Time to be a part of the process instead of simply “liking” the idea!!


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