It’s STILL Not All About the Money

thCAUZ07NYI’ve recently had the good fortune of “meeting” someone from Australia who was interested in a locket for herself. She has been such a pleasure to deal with and fun to exchange messages with, that though we’ve only been interacting for a few days, I feel like I’ve known her for a long time. Our exchange this morning solidified that this really is not only about the money. It’s about the messages the lockets send, the stories the people tell, the new people I’m getting to know that I wouldn’t have ever known had it not been for this business. In life it is very easy to get consumed with the daily routines, that we overlook the simple things in life, the little exchanges that put smiles on our faces, that reinforce we aren’t alone on this journey, that make the reasons (ie: family) we get out of bed each morning, and do the things we don’t love so much, well worth it.3337361-peace-symbol-with-people-silhouette-around-the-outer-edge-layered-with-a-map-of-the-world

Following is our exchange, (some items “X’d out for obvious reasons”), I wanted to share what it really is all about…..

  •  Good morning Anna…so, I totaled up your order and the total comes to $67.31. It is a touch more than it would normally be due to the additional shipping from origami to me then me to you. However, because I feel bad that O2 doesn’t ship direct to you, I picked out an additional surprise charm for your locket on me. Send me your email address so I can email you a receipt. I will update you on shipping status as I receive info as well as a tracking number. Lastly, bc it’s traveling so far I’m going to insure the package when I send it to you just to play safe.

  •  oh my gosh thats a great price!! are you charging me for insurance? i do not want you to be out of pocket… im enormously grateful for all you have done… please do not worry about putting in an extra charm… ive been after something like this for a looong time, just so pleased i found you,
  •  and do i just message you the details through her 

    my email address is anna_bxxxxx

  •  I don’t want to sound corny, but finding someone who is so happy with the locket and a pleasure to deal with is part of the reason I do this. The daily grind and hustle bustle can sometimes bring you down….this is such a “happy” job that it brings me a little peace and I really do love the stories behind what everyone picks out. I’ve got the insurance and the charm is so cute I want you to have it!!….Send me your info through email, I would feel safer that way. My email is
  •  will do sounds fantastic!! i can not wait!! soo excited.. my little boy is my life… every day i feel sooo blessed to have him… all i ever wanted was to be a mum and when i fell pregnant with him all my dreams and wishes came true! its just him and i as his dad wasnt ready to be a dad so we have such a close bond… i love that when hes at school he will still be close to my heart…. NOW THATS CORNY! LOL
  •  its so lovely that you are genuinely into it for the love… theres not many people out their that are passionate about their jobs…
  •  I’m a single mom as well, though there father is involved, he just didn’t do well with the husband part, haha!! I completely understand that love for your child, its a love I really think only a mother can feel. I never truly understood unconditional until I had my two…..they actually inspire me to do this, for the extras solely for them…and because of them I wanted to find something that represented more than just selling stuff, exactly what Origami Owl is all about, I’m a free spirit, love the messages behind the products….its almost more hobby like than job….I’ll look for your email, have a great day!!
  •  thats lovely! what an amazing mum you are!! just sent the email now…thanks so much! have a great night
    or morning there

My "sun" and I....

My “sun” and I….

Me and my "moon"...

Me and my “moon”…


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