Growing Pains








Recent weeks have been quite challenging trying to positively represent a company I so whole heartedly believe in.  There have been many issues, from delayed orders, out of stock issues, orders being filled incorrectly, right down to a fellow rep receiving a box with nothing in it.  I will admit, I began to waver and question the potential Origami really had, not only to provide a supplemental income, but to be the “force for good” they proclaim.  However,  I sat back and rode the wave, in hopes that my faltering hopes weren’t dashed after all.  I wanted to do this not only for the reasons stated, but also to show my daughter you don’t simply GIVE UP when things become difficult…..

Well, patience is in fact a virtue.  Great success does not come without great challenges, and it would appear Origami’s success is no different from any other.  In recent weeks they far surpassed their forecasted sales and reached an astounding sales volume four times what  they received in ALL of 2012.  Can you imagine??  The outpouring of interest in such an item speaks volumes to what I have seen in this product.  Of course this dramatic increase in sales caused an overwhelming fluster of activity at headquarters and made it extremely difficult for them to maintain the level of customer service we had all grown so accustomed to.  However, I am happy to say they have regrouped and have not only made right what went wrong, but have instituted a solid plan to address this rapid growth so the issues are not experienced again.

I am overjoyed that I hung in there, that I have butterflies again with excitement over the potential I had not dreamed of.  But mostly, I am proud of the example I set for my daughter.  We do not give up, we display patience…..and good things truly do come to those who wait!!