Hooting Harley’s is a blog about the adventures of my daughter, Quinn Harley, and I, Nicole Harley, starting our own Origami Owl business as Independent Designers..

Being of that age now where girls want to start spreading their wings and gaining some independence, Quinn had been itching to find some sort of part time job. I wasn’t to keen on the idea, nor did I see the necessity for it. However, when we stumbled across Origami Owl the thought of her and I pairing up to promote such a wonderful company wasn’t a decision that needed much thought.

From the company’s motto of “be a force for good”, to the fact that it was started by a 14 year old girl looking to save up some money for her first car, right down to the product itself and the sentiment it represents, I couldn’t think of a better venture to get involved in.

Origami Owl provides an opportunity for Quinn and I to spend quality time together. We bond while helping other women and girls create custom lockets, for themselves or others. Lockets that represent their lives and the things most important to them. Can this even be called a “job” or “work”? I value the time we get to spend together and that we are doing so through a creative and sentimental outlet.

This blog will journal our adventure, as we meet new friends, discover their stories and ultimately grow our two person team into a greater force of good……hope you enjoy!!


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