Mother/Daughter Movement Madness


Ok, so it has been a few weeks since this concept was put out there.  I simply want to follow up with what has been going on in our world that has supported the intentions behind the Mother/Daughter Movement concept.

While hosting an Origami Jewelry Bar we were introduced to a woman organizing a fund raiser for Leukemia.  She noticed we had a Leukemia awareness charm and asked if we would be interested in donating a necklace to be raffled off during the fundraiser.  Of course this was something we were 100% behind, after all, part of our mission is to be a force for good.  Additionally, we were contacted by another group who was putting together an event for victims of Sandy, as though the hype has died down, the needs of the families effected have not.  Their focus was on our tag collection, and the inspirational messages they send.  Once again, we are right behind the effort and are proud to say we will be contributing proceeds of sales to this cause.

Origami Owl has been an amazing avenue to earn extra income, spend quality time with my daughter, (and even my son who has now asked to be involved in some way), and contribute to our community, giving back to those in need.  However, I still have hopes and believe this could be so much more if others joined the movement.  Not only would you gain the opportunity to be a participating and positive influence in your child’s life, but I truly believe banded as a group we would not just be a force for good, we could be a force to be reckoned with!!

As an additional incentive to join the cause, ask us how you can sign up and receive your kit for free!!  This is incentive is only available through Hooting Harley’s, simply because we believe we can and we wil!!  Help us create the MADNESS behind the Mother/Daughter Movement…..go visit the page on this site for more details.



This is turning into a movement …

This weekend as my daughter and I sat and created lockets to give to our cousin that had her first baby on Saturday, and her mother who is a grandmother for the first time, Quinn said ” we should have Melissa and Aunt Debbie do this like you and I do this”. I chuckled and said “I think Melissa will be too busy with the baby right now to get into anything new”. She then went on to say how cool she thought it would be to have a group of mother/daughter designers like her and I working with us. I was a bit engrossed in picking out charms to really ponder the idea until later in the day.

At dinner that evening I brought up the topic again, asking her what she meant. She went on to explain that she thought it would be great to get a bunch of moms and daughters like her and I to join Origami Owl and we could be one big team. She further elaborated and noted that not only would it be “awesome” to have a team, but for that team to promote mother/daughter relationships on top of the lockets and charms. She ended with the thought that it would be even cooler if we had one team from each state!!….I sat, a bit stunned, in silence for what seemed like an hour. I couldn’t believe she had such deep thoughts and that she really valued what we are doing as much as she apparently does. I was, still am, amazed!!

With this said, though I haven’t thought through all the details yet and exactly what we will represent, am starting the movement. I will be creating yet another page in this site for mother/ daughter teams to receive information and link to signing on to the Hooting Harley team!! As details unfold, I will post them. Can’t wait to hear from anyone about what they think of this idea. My head is swirling with great intentions and ideas for how this band of women and girls can make a difference. I’m so excited!!