Mother/Daughter Movement


So, here is where it all begins…from the fleeting thoughts of my 13 yr old daughter, to a movement put into action, The Mother/Daughter movement has been born.

A few short months ago Quinn and I joined Origami Owl as an Independent Designer team to earn extra money for the fun things in life we enjoy, because we loved the products and finally to have something for just her and I to share and do together.  In these few months O2 has turned into so much more for us.  It has become a creative outlet, a means for us to share ideas, opened up discussions we may not have had and has inspired us to inspire others to gain some of the same things we have from it.  In short, it has strengthened our relationship!!

Now, our hopes are to create an entire team of Mothers and Daughters who would like to do the same.  The goal is to have at least ONE Mother/Daughter team from EACH STATE by June 30th 2013.  That means we will need 2 to 3 teams to sign up each week for the next 18 weeks.  We believe this can happen and are hoping you will be as inspired as we are to join forces.  Of course part of the mission is to promote this awesome line of customizable jewelry that tells the story of your life.  However, the other part of the mission is to simply be a united force of good.  Banded together our potential is limitless, and with O2 behind us the possibilities of making a social, economical, spiritual and parental impact are overwhelming.  Dream big, win big is our motto, and together we believe the dream isn’t so big after all!!


How to join

      Go to and go to the area noted “Join our Team”.  You will be asked for a designer ID, that number will be 12762, then fill in your info. Also, leave a comment on this page that you have completed the process.  If you have any questions you can reach us at  It’s as simple as that.  At the end of each week I will update this post with new sign on information as well as which state they are from……let’s make this happen!!!


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