Patience is a Virtue

408450_478828208843421_972569284_nI’m finding more and more that my daughter has inherited my impatience. Though I don’t like to admit it, I sometimes can be a bit impatient. When I want something done, I want it done yesterday. It used to be that if I couldn’t achieve what I wanted right away, the drive to achieve it would fizzle out. However, over time and through maturity, though the impatience still exists, it is in fact at a “healthy” level. Let me clarify by saying, it is at a healthy level for those around me, as they no longer have to withstand my wrath when things don’t come so easy.

Enter daughter, who I now see has this same trait….times 10. Living in an “on demand” society tends to feed into this ugly characteristic. Being an all consumed teenager, living in an “on demand” society,who has a tendency towards impatience makes me want to call in an exorcist!! Unfortunately, I can’t help but feel slightly responsible, so in this area I try to display as much patience as possible.

About a week ago her head was ready to spin right off its shoulders and it took a lot of tongue biting and open ears to muddle through. She was in her school play this week, which was proceeded by four months of rehearsals until 5:30Pm every day. She was having a melt down because of a line in the play that she kept messing up, and just knew she was going to blow on opening night. Her solution was to just quit the play….but she didn’t stop there…she was not only quitting the play, she was quitting chorus, quitting her friends, quitting school and quitting our Origami Owl business “because nobody likes her ideas anyway”. It was a quitting extravaganza….I let her vent….I took a tylenol….I let her vent some more….

When she was all done and her head was back in a forward facing position, I simply said “do you think giving up all the things you enjoy is really going to make you feel better?” She sat and thought for a long time,…I know this pondering well, as I do it myself, its the “I know she’s right, but I have to think of a really good come back so I don’t have to admit it” ponder…..She didn’t verbally answer me, but simply gave the defeated “no” shake of the head. I then followed with, “I know it doesn’t feel like it right now, but anything worth having, is worth working really hard to have”. I got the eye roll, shrug of the shoulders and the skulking walk to her room….I believe she may have also been mumbling something under her breath, and I’m even more certain that I don’t want to know what it was. However, the next morning she got up, went to school, ate lunch with her friends and stayed once again until 5:30 to practice for the play…..and life went on.

The play went off without a hitch…she didn’t blow her line and she is back to her generally happy self…this week anyway. She came to me earlier this evening and said she had a new idea for the lockets……..