This is turning into a movement …

This weekend as my daughter and I sat and created lockets to give to our cousin that had her first baby on Saturday, and her mother who is a grandmother for the first time, Quinn said ” we should have Melissa and Aunt Debbie do this like you and I do this”. I chuckled and said “I think Melissa will be too busy with the baby right now to get into anything new”. She then went on to say how cool she thought it would be to have a group of mother/daughter designers like her and I working with us. I was a bit engrossed in picking out charms to really ponder the idea until later in the day.

At dinner that evening I brought up the topic again, asking her what she meant. She went on to explain that she thought it would be great to get a bunch of moms and daughters like her and I to join Origami Owl and we could be one big team. She further elaborated and noted that not only would it be “awesome” to have a team, but for that team to promote mother/daughter relationships on top of the lockets and charms. She ended with the thought that it would be even cooler if we had one team from each state!!….I sat, a bit stunned, in silence for what seemed like an hour. I couldn’t believe she had such deep thoughts and that she really valued what we are doing as much as she apparently does. I was, still am, amazed!!

With this said, though I haven’t thought through all the details yet and exactly what we will represent, am starting the movement. I will be creating yet another page in this site for mother/ daughter teams to receive information and link to signing on to the Hooting Harley team!! As details unfold, I will post them. Can’t wait to hear from anyone about what they think of this idea. My head is swirling with great intentions and ideas for how this band of women and girls can make a difference. I’m so excited!!


Changed…..for the BETTER!!

Changed…..for the BETTER!!

So, last night there was conference call with Origami Owl, and they had a HUGE announcement for us. After listening to some insane hold music while waiting for the call to start, and my computer jumping in and out of … Continue reading

It’s all about the details



What we are finding with Origami Owl is that no detail has been overlooked. Not only in the “charming” products but in their approach to business practices as well. The way the lockets tie into their primary philosophy of “being a force for good” is not only encouraging, it is inspiring.

It isn’t every day that you encounter a business that follows through on their promise to support, nurture, groom and promote you. Not only has O2 done this, but they do it effortlessly through items that you don’t really need to “sell”, as they sell themselves.

Who wouldn’t stand behind a product that isn’t only beautifully crafted, but also speaks from the heart. It is actually fulfilling to assist someone in creating that perfect piece that tells the story of who they are or what they want to represent to the world. It is gratifying to help someone combine charms, tags and dangles that show a loved one what they mean to them. The possibilities are endless, as there seems to be a charm or phrase of empowerment for any occasion. Whether its a gift for your bridal party, a locket for a new mom, a memorial to a battle that was overcome, there isn’t a story left untold.

These factors are what is making this more of an experience than a job. We love the people we meet and being able to share in the joy they achieve. We love having the opportunity to spend time together while doing this, and we value the support we receive from “the nest” to accomplish these things.

Origami really is a force for good, and we are nothing short of thrilled to be a part of that force pushing it forward….

Blooming Inspiration



Living Lockets by Origami Owl is a new venture for my daughter and I. As we explore and expand on our venture we will share with you, the readers, on our experiences and all the wonderful things Origami Owl has to offer, not only us, but you as well. What we’ve found so far, is that we are inspired. Not only to be involved with such an amazing product, but to also share the product and what it represents to those around us.

Stay tuned for continuous updates……