This past weekend I took a couple of days, kid free, and went to Woodstock, NY for a mini getaway. As I’m sure you can imagine, this town was just overflowing with peace, love and happiness. It was a very “zen” place to be, very inspiring. Every corner had a unique shop filled with clothing, candles, jewelry, toys and trinkets. In almost every one of the shops there were spiritual and motivational items. In one shop they were selling prosperity bracelets for $1. There was a letter next to the ball of string that told the story of having the string tied around your wrist representing the circle of prosperity and how giving back completes the circle and brings you prosperity. With this new Origami Owl venture I couldn’t resist, as it seemed to fit in perfectly with all my thoughts of what our little business should be…..gaining as well as giving back…..

Call me superstitious but within an hour of having the bracelet bound to my wrist I started receiving all these hits on our Facebook page ( I even had two people place orders and one book a party!! I was…still am….a bit floored by this….and the numbers all of a sudden are still climbing. Now, I am curious to see if I can establish a following here as well….I really want to test out the powers of faith and prosperity…..and if this starts to expand I believe I will start spreading this prosperity by sending out these bracelets with any order I receive.

Lets see how far belief and good intentions take us……