Time for Change

As promised, the “Time for a Change” page has arrived. 

This is a place for you to tell your story of change. The hurdles you overcame, what inspired that change, did someone special help you through it…..are you still going through it?  Whatever the case, leave your story in the comment section on this page.  Inspire us all to make a change for the better, and on March 30th we will collectively decide who will be the inspiring beneficiary to receive a generous portion of all my PERSONAL proceeds from the sales of the “Changed” tags which you can link to and order below.  I will update the post weekly with sales stats and will also be tracking your votes for which story inspires you most, (you can’t vote for yourself), and posting those votes weekly as well.  So, c’mon, tell us your story, move us and at minimum gain the satisfaction that you may have impacted the life of someone else in some small way with your tale!


Click Photo’s to Place Order

Changed Tag $15

Changed Tag $15



Changed Tag & Single $16

Changed Tag & Single $16


Changed Tag & Albumn $28

Changed Tag & Albumn $28



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